LED Веера

Веера с высоким разрешением, не только яркие, но и легкие, что позволяет использовать их даже в хореографических номерах. Удобство в использовании один из главных критериев реквизита. Загружайте изображение и создавайте номера как с помощью программы для ПК и мобильного приложения.

Are you looking for an impressive and colorful tool to enhance your performances and wow your audience? Look no further than Ignis Pixel Poi, available on the Home of Poi website. These pixel fans are a revolutionary tool for artists who love to play with light and create stunning images in the air.

Features and Specifications of LED Pixel Fans

The Ignis Pixel Fans are designed for maximum comfort and high quality, with various models, colors, and functions. These pixel fans use tiny LEDs to create perfect colors, with improved yellow and orange tones that make pictures sharper, more realistic, and more colorful.

You can even upload custom images and logos and adjust up to 10 timelines to synchronize your performance scenario with music. The pixel poi also offers image stabilization options for models 144 HD, 200 HD, and 256 HD, including stretch and phase stabilization.

In addition to their impressive functionality, Ignis Pixel fans are also known for their reliable and high-quality design. While the appearance and functionality of Ignis Pixel products may differ slightly from the information and photos on the Home of Poi website, this is because they are constantly developing and improving their products and may not always be able to update their online presence accordingly.

If you're in the market for a top-of-the-line programmable LED prop that offers the highest resolution, brightness, and customizability, look no further than Ignis Pixel fans. With their stunning picture quality and ability to display custom images and logos, these props are a must-have tool for any professional or amateur flow artist looking to create a show-stopping performance.

Warranty of LED Pixel Fans and Reviews

At Home of Poi, we are confident that Ignis Pixel Fans will amaze your audience and help you earn more in your LED shows. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, so if you are unsatisfied with your props, you can return them in new condition for a refund.

We also provide a 2-year warranty for our products, so we will repair or replace the defective item for free if you find a product defect during the warranty period. Ignis Pixel Poi is impact-resistant but not indestructible, so the warranty does not cover malfunctions due to hard impacts. However, we do offer a repair service.

Many top performers in the flow arts community use Ignis Pixel Fans and have left positive reviews of the product. This pixel poi is a reliable and high-quality tool for artists looking to add a new dimension to their performances with programmable lighting and high-resolution pictures.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a unique and stunning tool to add to your flow arts repertoire, consider investing in Ignis Pixel Fans. This LED pixel poi is designed for maximum comfort, high quality, and reliability, with customizable functions and the ability to create custom images. With a 100% money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty, you can trust that these pixel fans will enhance your performances and amaze your audience.

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